"Who we are?"

PCF is a registered Charitable Trust that works not only with the prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims in the area of welfare, rehabilitation & reconciliation but also provides the much needed financial, moral and social support to the family members with an aim to bring them back to the mainstream vibrant society.

"What we do?"

Children of Prisoners :

Children of prisoners are among the world’s most forgotten and destitute populations. Research conducted in more than 20 countries shows that they are poorer, more deprived of basic needs, more stigmatized, more victimized, and more likely to eventually commit crimes. When a family breadwinner goes to prison, children are deeply impacted and suffer the most though for no fault of their own. Innocent victims, the children, pay the ultimate price for the crimes of their parents.

Children of Prisoners Project (CPP) :

To begin with, PCF in Partnership with Prison Fellowship India started with two counsellors with 100 children under the age of 13 in 2014. These children mostly belonged to the prisoners of Nasik, Taloja, Thane, Kalyan, Kolhapur, Alibaug and Pune. Today PCF looks after the welfare of 200 children and has five members.

Annual Camps:

We conduct annual camps; distribute educational materials; organize various competitions; medical camps and give the children a small amount of scholarship in every quarter. “We try to ensure that our social worker personally visits the family in every quarter and monitors their studies. If necessary, the volunteer also visits their schools and interacts with the class teacher. The aim is to bring them back to mainstream society and help them lead a respectable life”

Prison Authorities:

The authorities too are happy with the outstanding results. “PCF in partnership with PFI doing a yeomen service and there is a great deal of improvement in the lives of the prisoner’s families they have adopted. The counselling team of the Society also visits the Taloja Central prison and deal with issues like depression, anger, mental health, guilt, sleeping disorder etc. There has been a remarkable change,” says Mr. Laxman Salve, teacher or ‘Guruji’ at Taloja prison.