‘ A greatful messege from Shamin ‘

Shamin the mother of Sultana and Lukman coming from a poor family.  Along with two children, she lives with her old blind Father and Mother in-laws. After her husband imprisoned, she become helpless and hopeless. No financial support, with a rented hut, no food, unable to pay the rent and unable to pay school fees of her children. She stopped her child to go to school. She was affected with a Tuberculosis (TB) and in miserable condition. Many times, she had thought of the suicides. That was the time CPP intervened in our lives. She says. I had no money to travel to the camp place but CPP arranged a Bus to take us to the Campsite.

We were welcomed there and with breakfast and lot of activities for my Children. My children took part in the drawing competition. They had received Educational materials which we were never dreamed of to get such good ones. More than that counselling sessions which really challenge my thoughts. I started search for job and then I got a thread cutting job. Even though it gives me very little income but that gave a hope in my life. Shaji sir encouraged me to learn tailoring. Even though I am an ill-literate, so somehow, I learned stitching. One of my neighbours gave me an old sewing Machine, which gave me further hope about life.

My children are going to School regularly with great joy and studying well.  really, we had no hope, but we got great help from PFI, otherwise we would have lost our lives. Now with their help my children will get good education and good future. This is the way CPP saved not only my life but all my family members life and helped us to stand in the critical situation of my life. Thank you CPP for your great help and Counselling.

IN August 2019 I  had gone through heart surgery and my husband is in prison . My family was in a great despair. I went to my native village and went for heart surgery at Secuderbad. I am grateful to CPP for the Support because they covered my entire surgical cost.

” I have no words thank them for what they have been doing for me and my children. ” – Shamin