‘ Hope is Where the Heart is ‘

“Faith means believing the unbelievable and hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless” – G K Chesterton

This seems very much true when we come across Kavita’s life. Just like any other woman Kavita had hoped for a happy married life. She was a beautiful woman not only from the outside but also from within. Her happiness din’t last very long in her marriage. She never had a perfect happy marriage. All she had was her 2 children aged 13 and 8 years old. When Keshav the elder son was only 8 years old Kavita got incarcerated for 5 years for murdering her husband though that was not the truth.

The truth was far away from reality. Only because Kavita didn’t entertain the advances of one of her relative for having an affair with him she had to face this incarceration as a consequence. He gave false testimony against Kavita which ruined Kavita and her 2 children’s lives.

While his mother was in prison Keshav was staying with his relatives and had to work hard for survival. But something was not right with his health. His frequent headaches and falling unconscious was becoming a reason to worry.Once Kavita was out on bail she learnt about her son’s illness and took no time to get it diagnosed only to realize that he had Brain Tumor. In this process he even lost 2 academic years.

But Kavita never lost hope. With the help of PCF she was able to start tailoring business and also got help in continuing Keshav’s education. Today she is thankful and grateful to PCF. She has definitely shown all of us that a ‘Single Thread of Hope is Still a Powerful Thing’.